Stone Barn Floors

Proving that perception is reality

When we first engaged with this client, they didn’t have a logo or a brand—they didn’t even have a name. We named the company, developed brand standards, and helped name their products. Our strategy brought the products to life by pairing beautiful photography with adorable puppies to create an emotional connection in a purchase decision that is often based on price and color selection, creating perceived value that helped differentiate the brand from their competitors.

We developed their website with lead generation at the forefront, thinking about the customer experience at every point in the process. Leveraging the client’s knowledge of their customers’ needs, we developed a custom WordPress plugin in-house that merged a product carousel with a quote request form, even including social sharing functions.

The website continues to provide quality leads through organic search on an ongoing basis (lots of which mention the dogs).

stone barn floor ad 01 half page
stone barn floor ad SEPT half page2
stone barn floor ad 03 half page
stone barn floor ad 04 half page