Mongo’s Grill

The Situation

Mongo’s Grill is a Mongolian stir-fry restaurant franchise in the fast casual space. When we first engaged with this client, their brand lacked focus and their position in the market needed to be defined. Our assignment was to clearly communicate the fun of selecting ingredients and watching the chefs cook them up, as well as highlight the appeal to health-conscious families and parents by promoting vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dining options.
Our Solution

The first step we took following our initial strategy session was to develop their positioning as a fun, healthy alternative to other big chain fast-casual restaurants. We then created a brand standards guide, detailing the ways in which their new positioning would be visually represented throughout all their franchise locations. We designed a playful color palette with bright, vibrant photography to emphasize the message. And our tagline spotlighted the new Mongo’s concept: “Healthy Food Made Fun.”

Our brand-building strategy highlighted this positioning as fun and healthy in our “Look What I Made at Mongo’s” campaign. Staff and in-store signage encouraged diners to show off the meals they created from Mongo’s wide selection of fresh, healthy ingredients.

We designed and developed a website that utilized the new brand standards, featured well-manicured food photography, and provided fun and interactive ways for visitors to get nutritional information for each of the ingredients offered in-store. We created billboards, transit shelter displays, and digital display ads to drive customers and increase foot traffic. We redesigned all in-store signage and materials, including the menus, table tents, posters, gift cards, and even a stand-up cutout where diners can take a picture with their meal.

To further emphasize Mongo’s fun, customer-friendly vibe, we created a series of 12 business card-sized recipe cards featuring the raw ingredients on the front and a photo of the prepared meal on the back. Diners pick up the cards in store, using them to try a new meal or to spark their imagination.