Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate the specific strategies we used to accomplish our client’s goals. These include a startup, an established business and a century-old healthcare facility, illustrating that it’s never too early or too late to strengthen your brand and build a stronger connection with consumers. What problems can we solve for you?

We’re strategic

We’re proud problem-solvers. We won’t waste your time like most graphic design services, where designers throw stuff at the wall until something sticks. Instead, we clearly define the client’s problem and then work on targeted solutions. We’re invested in our clients’ business goals and celebrate their successes.

We’re creative

We think outside the box, even when constrained by a tight budget. We believe that the quality is the product of creativity and strategy, not just how much money you have. We love a challenge.

We’re collaborative

You can spend a lot more money, but you won’t find a better team anywhere. Whatever it takes, we’re there in the trenches with our clients, helping them win more business. And we work great with existing teams.

The Situation

Stone Barn Floors is a manufacturer of luxury vinyl flooring products. When they first came to us, they were a young company with a different name and no brand. The vinyl flooring market is extremely competitive, with little serious differentiation from one producer to the next. Stone Barn Floors was essentially a blank slate, with the need for a strong brand on a startup-sized budget.

Our Solution

BXP Creative worked hard to develop a memorable brand identity for the client. We brainstormed a new name, designed their logo, built a beautiful website optimized for lead generation, produced both digital and print ads and created manuals and a gorgeous, award-winning brochure.

Our continued search engine optimization of their website has resulted in a significant increase in highly-qualified leads, and our client ranks highly for keywords related to their newest product line. On top of SEO, we also manage their social media accounts, using these to promote the blogs we write and connect with customers directly.

As part of our strategy to set Stone Barn apart from competitors, we introduced imagery of lovable dogs on their flooring, injecting an emotional component into a purchase decision that is often dictated by price alone. This imagery has been used across all their materials to great effect, especially in their product brochure.

In this case, we managed to produce a beautiful, elegant printed piece to showcase their product lines, despite the fact that their budget didn’t allow for a high-end photographer or professional studio time. By shooting their floors and compositing them into existing stock photography, we strategized a creative solution that would work with their budget without compromising on quality. Most importantly, it has proved to be a successful sales tool among their residential customer base.


The Situation

Mongo’s Grill is a Mongolian stir-fry restaurant franchise in the fast casual space. When we first engaged with this client, their brand lacked focus and their position in the market needed to be defined. Our assignment was to clearly communicate the fun of selecting ingredients and watching the chefs cook them up, as well as highlight the appeal to health-conscious families and parents by promoting vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dining options.

Our Solution

The first step we took following our initial strategy session was to develop their positioning as a fun, healthy alternative to other big chain fast-casual restaurants. We then created a brand standards guide, detailing the ways in which their new positioning would be visually represented throughout all their franchise locations. We designed a playful color palette with bright, vibrant photography to emphasize the message. And our tagline spotlighted the new Mongo’s concept: “Healthy Food Made Fun.”

Our brand-building strategy highlighted this positioning as fun and healthy in our “Look What I Made at Mongo’s” campaign. Staff and in-store signage encouraged diners to show off the meals they created from Mongo’s wide selection of fresh, healthy ingredients.

We designed and developed a website that utilized the new brand standards, featured well-manicured food photography, and provided fun and interactive ways for visitors to get nutritional information for each of the ingredients offered in-store. We created billboards, transit shelter displays, and digital display ads to drive customers and increase foot traffic. We redesigned all in-store signage and materials, including the menus, table tents, posters, gift cards, and even a stand-up cutout where diners can take a picture with their meal.

To further emphasize Mongo’s fun, customer-friendly vibe, we created a series of 12 business card-sized recipe cards featuring the raw ingredients on the front and a photo of the prepared meal on the back. Diners pick up the cards in store, using them to try a new meal or to spark their imagination.


The Situation

Grand View Health has been serving the healthcare needs of the residents of Bucks and Montgomery counties in the greater Philadelphia area for more than 100 years. When they approached BXP Creative, they asked us to help create a printed piece to connect with the local community.

Our Solution

To accomplish this goal, we designed an 8-page brochure to emphasize healthcare provider’s deep roots in the region while providing useful information to prospective patients about their history, community outreach, partnerships, services, and locations.

We took a big-picture approach to the design process, developing a headline that could function in a standalone piece or as part of a larger campaign: “Care from everywhere”. The idea was to focus on the totality of what Grand View Health offers: their hospital campus, urgent care and outpatient facilities, specialty practices, and a convenient mobile app. By carefully selecting imagery that captured people in special, intimate moments, we were able to get away from a more sterile or posed feeling that hospitals often portray, and really make a connection with the residents and patients.

On the back of this successful brochure concept, we next developed a campaign of three distinct direct mail pieces to increase awareness and drive traffic to their Chalfont, PA health center. By carrying through the focus on care, using impactful visuals and empathetic copy, the client saw an increase in potential patients contacting the center.

On the client’s website, we’ve worked with Grand View to add new content such as a page thanking their donors in an easy-to-read format, and a helpful interactive map to highlight their many locations and ease of access.